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We vetted the hosts.

You won’t meet hosts that we haven’t met ourselves. Face to face. We have a pic to prove it.

We vetted the facilities.

So you don’t end up someplace you don’t want to end up.

We basically pack your bag.

Every trip comes with detailed directions and recommendations - what to bring, where to go, what to wear, what to avoid - it’s all there if you want it.

Be someone different, somewhere different.

Our extraordinary hosts will provide you with a different locale, a different lifestyle, and a different experience for a different (read: brave, independent, present) you. Because the days are starting to melt together and you can’t feel the difference between Sunday and Wednesday anymore. Because having your food delivered to your door just reinforces that gnawing feeling that you’re not participating in your own life. This is for you.

This isn't a vacation package. There will be no upselling to dread because we’re not selling anything.